A Conversation with Serdar Arat | Video by Basso

Conversation with Serdar

A Conversation with Serdar Arat is a short interview with visual artist Serdar Arat at his home studio. The video is a concise four minute edit of an almost 90 minute conversation. In this conversation Serdar discusses his personal history, perspectives on art and being an artist, and the creative process. Serdar shares some of his personal thoughts and insights on these topics during our conversation.

I am resistant to label this video with the term interview. Serdar is a former teacher of mine, but also a mentor, colleague, and friend. Much of what he talks about are topics we enjoy discussing together, so I felt the label interview was too formal a description. Conversation is a more personal and accurate label, although I tried my best not to respond verbally (for sake of the edit). The topics discussed are central topics for any artist, and they demand careful consideration in order to understand and answer “what is art” and the “creative process”.


I shot the conversation inside his personal studio where many of his original works can be seen. I only had a single camera operated by myself, and I wanted to facilitate a natural conversation, so I framed a static shot and only monitored it during the conversation. I did not want lose any of our normal rapport by distracting myself with busy camera work. I think the ease and familiarity of our normal conversations translated in this recorded version.

The soundtrack is a vital component for me on any video project. As much as the treatment sets the tone and tells the story for any video or film project, I still found the soundtrack an essential component for my understanding. I worked on many variations and alternate music tracks for this video conversation before I could feel the story of my piece. Having the soundtrack completed before the shoot helped me interpret the story and try to translate it visually the day of the shoot.


Serdar Arat is an active artist who’s work is continually evolving through refinements and exploration. Keep up to date with his latest art work and videos on Serdar’s personal site.

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