Chvrches | Digital Art Series by Basso

Chvrches Series

These images are from the “Chvrches Series”, a digital art collaboration with James Usill. We trade images, process them in whatever methods we use, and trade images back. This series would be a first generation in terms of processing: Usill’s original image as source, processed one round by me.

The Images

The original image had a grid pattern of circles against colored backgrounds. It is this pattern that became most pronounced during my process. Each image is a variation on the main circles pattern, with color emphasizing different shapes and areas. In the two yellow and pink images the circle shapes become exaggerated, almost appearing to drip. As the series progresses, the shapes and colors begin to break down and turn into digital dust, but not before producing beautiful ghost patterns as seen in the second to last image.

The Process

The process of creating these images is a balance between processing, or glitching, the files and maintaining some relationship to the original. Essentially, the process is controlled disorder, and while careful experimentation can yield predictable results it is the computer choosing colors, drawing lines and shapes until it reaches equilibrium: pixel noise.

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