Digital Art Series

Ibbouj series Digital art by Basso mint fuchsia purple tritone
Ibbouj Series
Chvrches series Digital art by Basso pink shapes on yellow and black space
Chvrches Series
O-cess Series
digital art green glitch outlines
Cache Mash Series

A wide range of digital art studies on various processes and techniques. Many of the images were creating using some glitch, some hex, imagination and patience. I use true glitch images when I can capture them, but most of my images start as found images, scans, or digitally created images. For processing I use Photoshop, for generating images I use GIMP, and for glitches I hack hex headers and crack code.

Each project and series offers a new chance to experiment with the process in a modular method. The order of stages and processes drastically alters the outcomes of each image. Each image reacts differently to the same process thus providing useful feedback.

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