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Adventure Jazz by Chopin Jovi


In my zeal to support Chopin Jovi I tripled the character count limit for the Bandcamp review. There is no sense in letting valuable words go to waste. Here is my complete review for Chopin Jovi’s debut EP Adventure Jazz.


Three powerful Jersey musicians break from their musical past and embark on a bold new musical direction. Chopin Jovi’s sound reminds one of that California surf sound (hints of a raw Edward Sharpe?), but from a colder, rockier surf or ‘shore’. At the same time it makes nods to those early ‘indie’ roots like Built to Spill and Pavement. Adventure Jazz, their debut EP, takes one on a journey of discovery as both listener and performer explores who Chopin Jovi are and what story they have to tell.

The Tracks

Highwaving and Marshmallow only scratch the surface of their story. The raw sound makes way for a seemingly casual performance, but make no mistake, these are not fledgling musicians, these are seasoned artists carving their sound from the raw granite that is music. Highwaving could be home on any ‘indie’ release today or twenty years ago, with its catchy melody and vocal ad libs. Marshmallow demonstrates the group’s inclination to jam – with no holding back – and truly suggests an adventure in Jazz.


Sky is the standout track on Adventure Jazz, and hopefully a hint at what’s to come from Chopin Jovi. Beautiful piano and dreamy synths, driving drums with a dovetail groove, bass lines full of human warmth (the likes of which are rarely heard these days), and sweet vocals baked into the mix. All of this is not to mention that surprise guitar midway through (what can’t these guys play?). A beautiful track that gives me chills on every listen through.


Chopin Jovi may be little known now, but take a listen and keep watch. This gem of a band is only beginning to sparkle beneath that Jersey rough.

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